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Highlights™ magazine for Children 6 - 12 | Kids Magazine
Highlights magazine for children 6-12 is full of jokes, Hidden Pictures, puzzles, articles & stories: Fun with a Purpose, entertainment & learning for kids!
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Mathmania™ Puzzle Club | Math Book Club for Children 7 - 12
Highlights Mathmania math puzzle club features dozens of fun numbers puzzles & math games for kids ages 7 & up. Learn about our math puzzles today!
Puzzle Book Clubs :
Top Secret Adventures™ | World Geography Book Club for Kids
Top Secret Adventures is a world geography puzzle book club for kids. Become a detective & explore the world. Learn about our exciting puzzle book club!
Puzzle Book Clubs :
Which Way USA™ Club | Geography Book Club for Kids
Road trip across America with the Which Way USA geography book club for children ages 6-12! Learn geography & state facts in a fun, fast-paced adventure!
Puzzle Book Clubs :
3-Pocket Organizer
The main compartment of this organizer holds books, electronics, toys and treasures while the 3 front pockets are perfect for crayons, glue, pencils and other small items.
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Arts & Crafts
3-Pocket Organizer
Box of 24 Valentines & Poster | Kids Valentines
Give Highlights Hidden Pictures Valentines-Learn more about our Valentines for kids!
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Chalkboard Storage Bins | Colorful Bins for Kids' Toys
Storage bins for kids help your child stay organized. Our sturdy fabric bins can be easily labeled with chalk: learn more today!
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Classroom Essentials with Bag | Store -
Stock up on everything you’ll need to bring out the best in your students all year long — 300 smile stickers, 36 mini-charts, 720 mini-stickers, 36 name tents, 30 reward pencils, 64 certificates in...
Arts & Crafts :
Gel Highlighters | Store -
New gel technology means fewer smears and better highlighting. Works on all paper surfaces with no bleed-through. Includes 2 pens
Arts & Crafts :
Hands-On Sticker Box | Stickers for Kids
500 stickers for children in a variety of shapes and colors. Comes with a sturdy, round container to store the stickers in. Learn more about our stickers!
Arts & Crafts :
Billions of Years, Amazing Changes | Store -
Laurence Pringle, a top science writer, brings together evidence that supports our understanding of evolution, from field biology, genetics, geology, paleontology, and medicine. Renowned ...
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Bug Off! Creepy Crawly Poems | Store -
Meet 13 bugs in playful, humorous poems and startling, intimate photos. Nonfiction prose paragraphs tell how bees make honey, that many butterflies can taste food with their feet, that lovebugs can...
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Craft Books for Kids | 4-Book Set of Children's Crafts
Unplug everything and let the creative fun begin! Our 4-volume Craft Book Set shows kids how to turn easy-to-find household objects like paper bags, paper plates, boxes and tubes into games, toys, ...
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Extreme Dot to Dot 4-Book Set | Kid's Dot to Dot Books
4 Extreme Dot to Dot books for kids provide hours of entertainment and fun. Over 120 dot to dot puzzles for kids. Learn more!
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Growing Patterns | Store -
Named after a famous mathematician, the Fibonacci pattern is simple: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. . . . Each number in the sequence comes from adding the two numbers before it. But no one knows how nature...
Science :
The Guardian Team | Store -
Dogs have helped protect livestock for thousands of years, but burros also have a natural instinct to protect. Meet Rena and Roo, a dog-and-burro guard team on a Wyoming sheep ranch. Rena and Roo ...
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